Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daddy's coming home...

... For a whole week! His plane lands in 90 minutes and boy oh boy, am I excited! The girls are at grandma's, so all I've got are the twins here. I was hoping to get a lot done around the house before he got home- but alas, the babies doth protest! Talk about taking turns all day long, I haven't had a moment when both were asleep where I could get anything done- there's always been one or both awake! Somehow I've managed to clean the bathroom and kitchen and do a few loads of laundry, but that's been with a baby strapped to me in an Ergo- not that easy, believe me. The only reason I'm even able to type this is because I'm nursing Bea and I've mastered typing with one hand. Now, Atticus is crying in the other room, but I'm just getting Bea to drift off a bit. Argh! This is always the dilemma I am faced with- do I risk waking the almost asleep, nursing child to tend to the crying, waking up child? Or, do I take another few minutes to get the currently nursing child to sleep and let the other one cry until I can get to them? ...Well, I chose to pick up my lil' man, so now I've got both awake and they won't let me put them down, so, I've gotta go! Ta ta, for now!

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