Sunday, June 12, 2011

Someday I'll Land In The Nuthouse, With All The Nuts And The Squirrels! Weee!

Before having kids, when I would see disheveled children with messy hair, mismatched clothes and shoes on the wrong feet, I admit... I totally judged. I would think; "When I have kids, they will have perfect little braids and pigtails, and adorable clothes and their shoes will most certainly be on the correct feet." Well, it turns out that there are a lot of things you say before having kids about what kind of parent you're going to be that don't turn out quite as planned. I actually said that my kids won't watch any TV before 2 years old, but now that's just crazy talk! TV is awesome... and it's all DJ Lance Rock's fault.

I admit, with my first, I kept up with a lot of my expectations and did everything "right". I dressed her perfectly from Fred Segal, Babystyle (I still miss you!!!), Splendid Littles, and Gap. I bought her $75 True Religion jeans and 15 pairs of cute little shoes when 2 pairs were plenty. My house was mostly clean and organized, and trip to a store or restaurant was for the most part, easy peasy. Then #2 comes along, and things get a little more complicated. The daily tasks aren't quite as easy as they used to be, but I tried my darndest to keep up. I still managed to keep the house somewhat together, and darling daughter #2 got lots of faboosh hand-me-downs from her big sister (because at this point, I realized "who the hell in their right mind spends $75 on jeans for a 2 year old??")! Getting out of the house wasn't quite so easy with a toddler and a baby, and I admit that hair wasn't always styled into perfect little pig tails or braids, and sometimes their shoes didn't coordinate with their outfits (GASP!!).

When #3 and #4 came along in one package, it pretty much became sink or swim. If I can get everybody out of the house with clothes on, I consider it a success. No shoes? I have back-up in the car because I was sick of arriving at any destination with a barefoot child. How many times have I been to Trader Joe's with a (usually) shoeless Aurora?? Hair in pig tails or braids(Former self, you're joking, right?)?? Try brushed. There are many things that need to be accomplished before leaving the house and hair brushing is sadly pretty low on the totem pole. Then, of course, if I want to wear clothes, (which is always a nice touch) I need to find the time for that.

So, now I'm often the woman in public with the kids in mismatched clothes, maybe only half of their hair is brushed, and at least one of them has evidence of breakfast still stuck to their face. So, it goes without saying that I no longer judge mothers with kids who fit this description, rather, (much like Larry David in his excitement to see other Prius owners), now I smile and wave at them... like a crazy person... and probably scare them off.


  1. Lisa you always make me smile with your stories of family life. the fact you can keep your sense of humor is proof you aren't quiet ready for the nut house but between you and me the adult bouncy house is lots of fun..hehe. as for matching shoes and brushed hair it doesn't really matter as long as the are covered in love. besides one day they will be old enough to match their own outfits and you will be wishing for the days when they were barefoot and running around like wild men instead of rolling their eyes and asking for the car keys. HUGS and keep up the great job you're doing.

  2. Aww, thanks, Becca! So true. I shower them with love, and that's what's important ;) Hopefully someday I'll get it together and my children won't be disheveled and barefoot!

  3. Been there, done that and lived to tell the tale! I still find myself walking around the house asking if the kids need anything even though they are all older now and all I get is a look as if to say "Poor Mom, still thinks we're toddlers". The only way I used to be able to take a shower was if I threw on "Baby Einstein" and I had it timed out perfectly! Never was able to actually style my hair, but that's what pony tail's are for right? Sending you the strength to get through because believe it or not, one day you will miss all of this! :)

  4. hahaha!! Hopefully soon Ariel will be able to get herself ready and help with the others? Or is that some epic wishful thinking? ;)

  5. disheveled & barefoot is not the important thing Lisa, i know you know that! the showe them with love is.................hugs from a non mom but I appreciate all you Moms out there!!!

    Pst! and like your hubby band ;)

  6. I can relate as a mother of four. My 6 yo daughter lost a flip flop in Target today...of course they didn't have a single pair of flip flops in her size to replace them with, so we left barefoot...and received many long glances from strangers due to the fact that my 8yo son now insists on gelling and styling his own faux hawk. Allowing my children to practice self-expression is a killer for this control freak. I wish I had the self-confidence that they have to not give a hoot what others think of me. We can learn a lot from these little peeps. Your family is beautiful. (our hubbies went to h.s. together)

  7. I figure as long as they are healthy, happy, and have a big smile on their messy face most of the time...then the most important thing is taken care of! LOVE! :D I adore your blog entries...because in most cases, all of us mommies have been there!!! You're doing a FANTASTIC job!

  8. The fact that you actually managed to WRITE this post proves to me that you're not quite human. I went down in flames with my second child - her hair went unbrushed for years until one day the school nurse pulled me gently aside and offered tips for grooming. She didn't get it that my little one would scream and run around the house at the sight of a brush. I had decided it was more important to get them fed, dressed and to school. But instead I told the nurse that I had read that lice were known to shun unkempt hair. It's true.

  9. Lisa, you are doing an amazing job. Your kids are loved and secure. They are well adjusted and happy. You have a wonderful husband who loves you. I love that you write and vent here. Vent away. I remember what it was like to have 3 under 5, and it is amazing that you are sane. Love and hugs, Sherrie Richey

  10. Lisa, cherish this crazy, unselfish life you have now with these beautiful, dependant children. I'm a mom of 7. 3-3-1, his (we had 24/7 growing up), mine & ours. I'd go back to those todler years in a heart beat if I knew how much agony, more sleepless nights & torture, having 7 teenagers in the house at once was going to be! Now only 2 are left & the relationship with my husband of 16 years is closer than ever. It's "Our Time" now :-D You are very blessed! @GeralynK

  11. I don't know how you do it with 4 little kids. I was challenged with just 2. I wish I had allowed my kids to be disheveled once in awhile and let my house get cluttered. I wasted too much time cleaning that I could have spent having fun with them! Now that my kids are grown (my daughter just got married), I'd take back any of those crazy years!!

    Your kids will remember a mom who didn't sweat the small stuff. You're a great mom! :)

  12. Hi Lisa,
    I am the mom with twins whose babies were 2 months younger than yours. I got tons of advise from you and you were a great cyber space friend of my mine. Miss you on twitter and I wish you and Monte and the kid tons of happiness and prosperity in life. You are the best.

  13. hi
    even though i have planned on having kids with color coordinated accessories.. it sounds like its a dream never achievable.
    but u seem to have fun with all four of them and at the end of the days that is what that is important :)
    so have fun..

  14. Lisa... Who cares about brushed hair and matching shoes/clothes?? Your kids are starting a trend...The Pittman...Cool to be different!!
    I met your children..They were polite and well behaved in that restaurant!! And it was late..and they were with STRANGERS!! You are a great mom...the fact that you do so much parenting alone because of Monte's commitments is ever more proof of your amazingness!! LOL...I raised at a make it look easy!!!!

  15. So good to hear from you, Lisa! I've missed your blogs. I had one child, but now I have three grandkids (6,4,& 2). And I TOTALLY get it! My daughter-in-law sends them off with me all cute & sparkly (never mind her!), and I return them covered in food, minus clothing articles, exhausted and arguing. I need more training obviously.
    Never doubt you are doing an AWESOME job. My grandkids LOVE being with me cuz I love them, laugh with them, play with them & let them be themselves. You are a great mom...and wife. I marvel at your spirit!
    Thanks for the blog. Missed you.

  16. Lisa.You blow my mind.I am totally blown picturing you leaving a store with not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4 children. None of which belong to anyone else. That is a Miracle.
    The part about breakfast on the face, yup that's a flash back,however it was a huge improvement over the usual vomit that would spew all over their clothes at the exact moment you enter the Dreaded Mall such pleasantries that i have traded for a closet of shoes that fit me. but before you get all jealous ,those shoes i never get to wear.
    why might this tragedy happen.
    well i am Grandma now to a 3.5 yr old so not much need for all those shoes and all those fancy clothes because a new kind of accidents happen in my life.... They call them
    "Potty Training Accidents"
    something at 53 i did not picture my self being apart of . Yet like you said
    Never say Never ,there sure are a lot Yets out there and getting older does not free you from sleepless nights and poop and tantrums and breakfast on their faces and missing shoes.
    Parenting just really never ends .
    and thank goodness for that.
    because it is the most rewarding job we will ever do.Raising the future

    Audrey :)