Sunday, March 11, 2012

New York, New York!

Tomorrow we leave for New York to visit Monte while he works. He's already been out there for a month, and we're going to be visiting him for 2 months! We're all really excited to see him, and to have a change of scenery for a while. I can't wait to show the kids the museums, Central Park, the zoo, and the Statue Of Liberty. Although the older girls have been there before, they were so young at the time, I'm not sure they really remember any of it. It's sure to be a grand adventure, but I'm pretty nervous about the airport and flight. Fortunately, I have the help of my friend and neighbor, Tiffany, she will be joining us for the whole trip to help with the kids. Thankfully, because I couldn't do it without help. I don't even think I can legally fly alone with this many kids... could I? I'm mostly worried about getting through airport security with 4 kids. Getting everybody's shoes off, the stroller collapsed and loaded onto the belt, the two giant car seats for the twins, the carry-on bags, and then of course, getting the actual twins through before they run off while we're busy doing all of the above, and then chasing them through the airport... which is what Ariel did to me years ago as a toddler when I flew to Europe with her, and nobody helped me, rather, they rolled their eyes. It was probably because they were thinking "Wow, that lady is a moron, she can't even get ONE kid through security without holding up the line. What. an. asshole."

Okay, I guess security isn't the only thing I'm worried about, I am also quite a bit worried about boarding the plane. Gate checking the stroller (and maybe one of the car seats) , dragging the car seat(s) onto the plane, pulling our carry-on bags and backpacks... and oh, yeah, somehow carrying the babies along as well. This might be where the Ergos come in handy so we can go hands-free. I'm assuming the girls will be pretty easy. I imagine that Atticus will be running up and down the aisles the entire flight, saying hello to all of the other passengers and trying to take their electronics, and Beatrix will hopefully sit peacefully in her seat, munching on snacks, and the girls can play with their iPods or watch a movie on the iPad.

Then there will be our arrival at JFK, and getting everybody off the plane, getting our luggage, loading up the car, and driving into the city. I don't know why I ever bought black luggage in the past, because as nice looking and basic as it is, it's almost impossible to find your luggage on the carousel at the airport amongst all of the other black pieces! So, this time, I got the loudest, most obnoxious suitcase colors I could find. Fortunately for me, TJ Maxx is full of all that luggage that (for some mysterious reason) don't sell as well in the real stores. I'm pretty sure that I got some suitcases from Austin Powers' personal collection, so there will be no mistaking it!

Here's to a smooth journey to the other coast!


  1. Oh Lisa!! I'd do ANYTHING in the world to be able to help you get from point A to point B!! Try and keep your sense of humor honey... If anyone gives you a hard time or rolls their eyes at you...TAKE THEIR PICTURE AND TWEET IT!!!! There are a freaking GAZILLION of us out here who adore you.... We'll hunt them down and get even!!
    Hoping to take a weekend trip to NYC..First a visit and then I'll babysit ... give you all a break! Safe travels kiddles!! Hug your Daddy from me!!!

  2. Please try to keep up your blog and facebook with fun news about your adventures in NYC :) Have a great time!!

  3. Hey Lisa,
    I can completely understand your concern. We took 4 to Disneyworld
    The packing, the airplane, the flight changes, keeping the young ones occupied for several hours, getting through baggage with ALL of the suitcases...potty breaks.etc.etc.etc...
    My answer is this, get lots of rest the night before, have a Rockstar or a Frappachino, make sure you have every gameboy, Ipad and Ipod with daddy's music on them. Make sure you habe snacks for the kids and for mommy. Most of all...BREATH..Monte will be at the end of your flifht with open arms for you and all of your babies! Hope this helps! Enjoy the East Coast. Oh yes.. remember one import thing..YOU are a MOMMY, there is nothing you can't do. Enjoy your trip!

  4. if i could i would help you in a heartbeat but as it's not possible will be sending you lots of good thoughts for a safe and smoth trip. Hope to see lots of wonderful pics of your stay in NY and I hope you have lots of fun while you are there. You'll have to keep me posted on kid friendly places to visit as little man wants to go visit one day and i hope to save enough money to take him so i'll need the insode mommy scoop. well anyways have fun and give the kids hugs and kisses for me. xoxo

  5. Hey girl, Cool blog. I am married to a musician too. :)

  6. My son spent some time with you and Monte recently. I wanted to thank you for treating him well and being, well, normal. He enjoyed meeting you both and is still talking about your kids! As a parent, I do have some concerns about the people that he comes in contact with in this industry so after hearing how much he enjoyed the company of your family, I wanted to figure out a way to say "thanks!".