Thursday, March 23, 2017

The time of your life..

When the kids were little, I felt like I never got a moment of peace. I was nursing, cleaning, doing laundry, making food, entertaining them, reading books. It was non. stop.

But now I’m looking back at photos and I see that my house was on point! I was letting my creative juices flow and in between the cleaning and the breastfeeding and it gave me life!  I was painting my walls, refinishing furniture, or planting in my beautiful garden. I busted out the power sander and made that Venetian Plaster I applied in the dining room shine like a mirror. Painted the kids room with a fairytale castle, forest and clouds covered the walls.  I even covered the guest room/office completely in harlequin diamonds!  I painted with a baby strapped to my chest in an Ergo, gardened while the twins rolled around on a blanket on the grass, and I knew all about annuals and perennials.  I was always covered in paint, and looking back in pics and videos I can see that my house was pretty damn organized, and my garden was completely fabulous.

I even mowed my own damn lawn, m'kay, people?

Soo.. what the hell happened?? Why is it now that my kids are finally all in school 9-3 do I feel like I have no time for ANYTHING anymore?? I can't seem to complete a single task, and I have unfinished projects left and right.

Is it possible that ADD can get worse with age?  

I feel like all I do once they’re dropped off is put on my workout clothes (in case I get the urge to exercise (highly unlikely)), clean the house, do laundry, maybe edit some pics, run to the grocery store, and then suddenly it’s time to pick up the kids (from two different schools, mind you).  I race the clock from one pick-up to the next and then after school activities, homework, dinner, bath time and then it's time to collapse into bed and catch up on mindless TV.

This blog has not been updated in almost 4 years because I’ve been so busy. The irony of being too busy to write about my busy life does not escape me.

I will say that I personally seem to be a bit more pulled together than I was back then.  I get a shower every day, so that's a big step up... so there's that. 

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