Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boo on you, flu!

So, I haven't had the flu in 10 years, but yesterday, it finally decided to pay me a visit. Why it didn't wait for Monte to be home to help me, I don't know, but I guess I'm at least grateful it was just a 24 hour thing and it wasn't a barf-a-thon like when Ariel was sick. The girls went to grandma's house, but the babies had to stay with the boobies, so I spent most of the day rotating the babies from nap nanny, to jumperoo, to boob to swing, to crib, to floor, to boob. I tried to nap when they did, but whatdaya know? They took 30-40 min naps through the day, which only overlapped by 15-20 minutes- so that resulted in me getting maybe 10 minutes of sleep the whole day, which is almost worse than none at all- what a tease! I think I would have paid anything to sleep. So, I called my friend, Erin, who nannies part-time for some other families and asked her to come over to help and told her I'd pay her anything- but, she was nannying! Argh! The only other people were a few friends that I could count on for help, but they have kids, and because they have kids, I didn't want to possibly spread anything to them. My friends who don't have kids have no clue what to do with a baby, let alone two, and so that would have just caused me more stress and I wouldn't have been able to rest. My mom had the girls, so she was out of the question, and my super-duper Grandma Jane lives close by, but I didn't want to risk her getting sick, also. So, I toughed it out, the babies had me up every hour all night to eat (when will this growth spurt be over???), but I woke up feeling 98% better, yaaaay!

So, I talked to the girls yesterday and they told me a little story about Uncle Marc. My brother, Marc, is 22 and an awesome kid. He helps me out sometimes by picking up Ariel from school and sometimes takes Aurora along for the ride, then he drops them a Grandma's which is only a few blocks away from her school- that's the only reason I'm okay with it, because it's so close and it's in a residential neighborhood. Otherwise nobody else but me or Monte drives them because I'm SUPER-paranoid. So, Marc normally puts our two extra car seats in his car or just one, depending on who he's driving. I have gone over how important it is to get a tight install with the LATCH and the chest-clip at armpit level, etc. The guy is an Eagle Scout, so you'd think this would be easy peasy, right? Not. So, I called the girls yesterday to ask them how their day went. Ariel told me how Uncle Marc picked them up, then Aurora chimed in "And we had nooo cawseeets!" I said "WHAT??" then it got worse... Ariel added "Yeah and he drove us to a store and Uncle Marc left us in the car while he went in." Me: "WHAT???!!!" Aurora then added "Yeah, he went into the dwinking store!" Me: "WHAT THE-??!!". So, I got off the phone with the girls and then texted Marc to chew him out: "Ummm... why did the girls just tell me that you drove them to the "dwinking" store with no car seats and then left them in the car while you went in??????!!!!!!" He called back quickly and apparently, he had driven to a gas station right on the edge of the neighborhood (that helps), and ran in to pay (grr, which I would never do, it's all about the pay-at-the-pump!) and got a Monster energy drink. He was at the pump closest to the door and he locked the car with the sunroof open. Not as bad as it sounded, but I was still furious about the car seat thing! But, since it was the first offense and most certainly the last, I have forgiven my little brother and I know he has learned a lesson. He will definitely be knowledgable about all things baby by the time he has kids! Just today (after he asked if the babies were sick, too), I informed him of one of the many magical benefits of breastfeeding- I told him that "If I'm sick, I can make and pass the antibodies for that particular illness to the babies, so they can't get sick with what I have! Isn't that awesome?!"... He didn't seem as excited about it as me, but someday he'll think it's cool!


  1. Lisa I am so glad you are feeling better. It sounds horrendous with your illness following so close on Ariel's barf-a-thon. I have to give you immense credit for keeping a wonderful attitude and an excellent sense of humor through all of this. It has to be hard with Monte all over the planet right now, but the end of this tour is in sight and lord willing you can get a breather just in time for the holiday season ;)

    It is a joy to read your blog - thanks for sharing!

  2. Had to laugh at the 'barely finding time to shower'. Brought back so many memories.
    You will be able to fill a book with your day to day experiences, and I will enjoy reading along, with a smile and sometimes a tear.
    Thankyou for sharing these precious moments.

  3. I love your blog! I know you're going through extremely challenging, stressful times but you know what? My daughter is getting married next year & sometimes I think I'd give almost anything to have one of those crazy baby days back with her (preferably not a barfy one.) It's good that you're journaling all this so when you're in my shoes someday, you'll be able to look back and remember the good and bad times with your little ones!
    Your positive attitude and good sense of humor are such a great example for your kids! Thanks for sharing with us! :)

  4. so happy that Arieland you are feeling better and that Aurora and twins were spared the flu. as for uncle Marc poor guy ratted out by the little princesses but no worries you will have well equiped by the time his kids come along one day.