Monday, November 22, 2010

Midnight Boobie gymnastics!

I used to be able to tandem nurse the babies with my twin nursing pillow, but now they hate it so, I have to do one at a time. It's really FUN when they both wake up at the same time in the middle of the night. The last few nights, they both decided to wake up at 3am. Both of them. At the same. Damn. Time. Because we co-sleep, normally I'll just nurse whoever is awake, while lying down, and we can both fall back asleep pretty quickly while he/she eats. But when it's both of them, I can't use the pillow like I used to, so I try a few different methods and just use the one that makes them the least pissed off. Stacking them one on top of the other has worked in the past, but not anymore because they're getting so heavy that they smoosh each other, so my only other option (that I frantically attempt in the darkness) is to side-lie and nurse one, and then drape the other over the side of my body and just focus on making sure their noses aren't smooshed into my boobs, so they can at least breathe. Not the most comfortable of things in the world to do, but it works. Both babies fall asleep, and eventually, I can too! It's midnight Boobie gymnastics!


  1. Hey Lisa .Well lets see if i can remember all i wrote.
    oh i definitely think it is time to get these little boogers on solid food they will get so much more sleep with a full belly.
    and like you remember they will have diapers that will defy all logic and imagination.
    lord how can something so small make smells that foul.
    Lisa i'm still giggling thinking Monte in them Striped jammies nursing Atticus .Monte with one eye open all drooling from loss of sleep.and you blissfully laughing at him thinking to your self back at the mental image of you doing nursing gymnastics.
    you are amazing .you know luv ya girl.....

  2. So proud of you nursing your twins and advocating it by talking about. It is so important for at least the 1st year of their little lives. Besides all the good things that most people know about mommys milk, I recently learned that there is a link between Type 1 diabetes and children who were not breast feed for the whole first year. Another very good reason to give them that nutrition. I also co-slept with my son in order to be able to breast feed and then both of it could fall asleep right after. It is so bonding and rewarding. Good to all the moms that do it for the best interest of their precious little babies!

  3. I love that picture of Bea laughing at Atticus. So adorable!! I hope they always get along that well. ;)

  4. midnight Boobie gymnastics sounds very interesting not sure i be coordinated enough to pull it off but you alway amaze me with how well you accomplish all of this. as i've said before you are my hero when it comes to motherhood. also love the pic Bea is so beautiful and absolutely shines when she smiles. i also love how Atticus looks very interested in what Bea is doing. they are so cute and growing so fast it is amazing.
    hugs, becca112971

  5. I co-sleep and breastfeed and am ashamed to admit that I never really wondered how someone does that with twins but now that I know I have to say that it is very interesting... and impressive.