Thursday, November 25, 2010

Get In Ma Belly!

I survived! Getting out the door with 4 kids is one thing, but getting out the door trying to make everybody look at least halfway decent for Thanksgiving- nightmare!! First of all, nothing fits me. What are my options... dress, or leggings... or sweatpants. I feel like a stuffed sausage in most of my clothes, including dresses, and I refuse to buy new pants or jeans in my "new" size- I WILL fit into my favorite jeans again- I will, I will, I will! So, after digging through my closet, I settled on my uniform of late. leggings, boots, Spanx, tunic. Shower, hair, makeup- holy hell! Ever tried doing your mascara while holding a squirming baby? A baby who decides at just the right moment to reach out and grab the mascara wand, and then quickly sweep it across your eyebrow and into your hair? This happened when I was already 30 minutes behind schedule and none of the kids were even dressed, let alone had brushed teeth or hair. I finally told the girls to wear whatever they wanted, and they chose some outfits that I must say... really represented their hobo chic side.

Absolutely no creativity went into the babies outfits, I realized that, um... I was completely unprepared for their holiday wear. Isn't that what I'm supposed to get all excited about and prepare in advance for? New babies= fancy, adorable little outfits for Thanksgiving and Christmas that they wear only once. Yep, dropped that ball. As for the older girls... they looked kinda homeless. Their hair looked like a few pigeon families had chosen to nest in it. I completely gave up on shoes and Aurora even had red marker up and down her arms and legs. I realized then- mascara smeared across my face, gnarly-haired children, plain-dressed babies- that my efforts were futile. It was only Grandma and Grandpa's house. My mom- who used to wrap our Christmas gifts in NEWSPAPER- won't care that the kids are shoeless and dressed like they belong in a Tim Burton movie, and it was really only them and my grandparents this year because my sisters household got hit with the flu and my brother was with his fiance's family- what the hell was I so concerned about?? I should really just invest in muumuu's for such occasions- no need for Spanx, or faboosh shoes- I could eat the whole table and nobody would be the wiser! It would be so comfy and I've always secretly wanted a flamingo and palm leaf print muumuu for myself- I could totally rock the Mrs. Roper look! Why aren't they more popular??

Should Monte be worried?

Well, we got to their house a little late, but Grandma had it covered. She brushed hair and even had a stash of backup clothes for the gypsy children. Dinner was amazing- gotta love that Tofurkey- and the only thing missing was Monte. I wish he could have spent the holiday with us, but I'm getting pretty used to shlepping it alone at this point, I don't know if that's good or bad. A little of both, maybe.


  1. I look forward to each of your postings, and I love reading about how you manage with 4 little ones. You are amazing!!

  2. well even after all that you and the children look lovely. Be gald your children only looked like they belong in a tim burton movie my child decided clothes were not an option and laid around all day in his Boxers. yay me for having a kid with no modesty. happy to hear you had a great day and sorry Monte ould not spend it with you. hope he gets to be there for christmas. hugs