Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just throw 'em in a basket in the back seat!

So, the babies are growing fast. They're almost 6 months and, Bea, my little butterball turkey is now almost 18 lbs and Atticus is a solid 16 lbs of lean muscle, and I am proud to say that it's been 100% breastmilk! So, they're getting way too heavy to carry around in their infant seats and I'm debating upgrading them to the girls old Britax Marathons soon. The older girls recently got new Sunshine Radian XTSL seats (in Flora, sooo puuurty), and we've been using the Marathons in Grandma's car for when they visit over there. One of the seats is a flower print, the other is a moo-cow print, so they're perfect B/G patterns for the twins. My issue here is this: carseats expire! Drat! The flower print seat is expiring in February 2011, so, not long to go, and the cow is in April of 2012, so that one's got some time. I'm so not in the mood to spend another $300 on a new car seat or two, but it must be done. So, naturally, I've been obsessing over car seat crash test videos and reviews which really, are just making me never want to drive again. Ever. In fact, I think I will just keep my kids in a big plastic bubble and never let them out of the house again after watching those videos… but I have been known to be overly paranoid…

So, it's really down to the Marathons or Radians. I love how narrow the radians are, and I could fit 3 across the back seat of the spaceship (AKA Honda Odyssey) if need be, but the Marathons are so cushy and comfy (but wide). Another issue will be that I would now have to unbuckle and unload the babies every time we get out of the car, rather than carry in the bucket seats that hold the sleeping babies... hmmm... maybe I’m putting waaaay too much thought into this…


  1. I never knew baby car seats expire. Now why on earth would they? I understand they are up to certain baby weights but what changes that they expire?

  2. Nancy, I think Lisa means the flower and Moo cow patterns expire, and she'd like to get the same patterns for the next size car seat. (But I could be wrong)

  3. The plastics in the car seats break down and in the event of an accident, the car seat can completely fail! Crazy, right? Here's what could (possibly) happen: